FRA Fuel Receiver (Aluminum)

FloMAX Fuel Receivers are designed with an enclosed stem spring that provides a smooth fuel flow path. This extends both the life of the receiver and the fuel nozzle. All FloMAX fuel receivers are compatible with the industry standard fuel nozzles.
The FRA (aircraft grade anodized aluminum) fuel receiver and the FRS (nickel-plated steel) fuel receiver both have the redesigned internal poppet assembly. The spring is completely inside the poppet, removing the spring from the flow path, which increases fuel flow and reduces backpressure and vibration.
The FR-RS removable sleeve fuel receiver has an aircraft grade anodized aluminum body with a removable stainless steel wear sleeve. This revolutionary nozzle allows the fuel receiver wear surfaces to be replaced without removing the fuel receiver from the tank or the loss of any fuel. The single poppet design has the same reduced backpressure, reduced vibration, and increased flow rate as the FRA and FRS receivers.


FR-RS Fuel Receiver with Removable Sleeve
Designed to enable replacement of worn receiver wear surfaces without draining the fuel tank


The FR-RS removable sleeve is easily unscrewed from the FR-RS body


FRS Fuel Receiver (Steel)


The popet assembly is completely internal