Non-Pressure System

FloMAX has developed a new Non-Pressure System that can handle over 500 GPM. Yes, you read that correctly, 500 GPM. That is more than even our industry standard FX1500 is rated at and vastly greater than any one else’s non pressure system.

We have both an internal hose system that is rated for our regular fuel nozzles at 200 GPM and our external hose system that is rated at over 500 GPM.

Even at these flows the system works flawlessly and shuts off every time, time after time.

As in all of our products, these are made from aircraft grade Aluminum alloy and

Stainless Steel. We use the best materials for the best product and life in the field.

Call us today for the details on how you can start to use FloMAX Non-Pressure system and components.


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