In House Design

Why is it such a large advantage to have our own in house design Engineering Group and complete Machine and Fabrication shop?

In the LEAN methodology, quality and cycle time are the main drivers for continuous improvement. At FloMAX we have our own machine shop and complete welding and fabrication facilities at our disposal. This enables us to meet the challenges of rapidly changing customer requests without the associated long lead times of our competitors.

We can respond to special needs quickly and efficiently thus saving the customer time and money.

As an example, we recently had a request to make a special part for a specific area of the industry. We met with the customer and worked out the design requirements and what was expected. Within two weeks we had an initial design prototype and within 6 weeks we had an example for beta site testing.

Think about that for a minute, within 45 days we went from concept to a working prototype for testing. This was a complicated part to create and had many different sub-assemblies. This was not our “First Rodeo”, we have been designing and building parts and assemblies for the mining, aircraft and medical industries for many years. We have a vast depth of experience and know how to address your problems and special needs.

A quick, capable and adaptive work force is one of the many things that set us apart from all of our competitors.


  • In house designers and prototype shop
  • SolidWorks Design and Prototype Software
  • Dedicated testing equipment for HALT / HASS ( Highly Accelerated Life Testing / Highly Accelerated Stress Screen) testing of new products
  • 21 CNC pieces of machining equipment
  • Destructive testing lab for component testing
  • Center less Grinding Equipment
  • 3 Automatic Screw Machines
  • Laser Measuring Device