Fueling Nozzles


Flomax Fuel Nozzles connect to all standard fuel receivers. The FN600 fuel nozzle has latching dogs and the FNBL fuel nozzle uses a ball lock design. Both nozzles come with a ball bearing 1 ½” NPT swivel. An available plug is specially designed to seal out dirt and contaminants and is attached with a PVC coated ¼” wire lanyard. A patent pending removable piston assembly allows the cylinder to be easily removed for rebuilding. Nozzles can be performance adapted to specific user requirements.

  • FN600
    Diesel Fuel Nozzle


  • FNBL
    Diesel Fuel Nozzle

Nozzle Length: 11 inches
Nozzle Weight: 6.6 lbs
Nozzle Swivel Thread: 1.5 NPT

Standard shutoff set at 8.0 PSI
(FloMAX nozzles can be set from 5.5 PSI shutoff to 13.00 PSI shutoff as required)
Working pressure – 125 PSI
Burst pressure – 250 PSI


The FloMAX Bulk Fuel Nozzle has been designed to transfer large volumes of fuel at high flow rate using existing standart 1 ½” fuel recievers. While best results will be obtained using a FloMAX FRA, FRS, or FR-RS fuel receiver, the BFN is completely compatible with all industry standard fuel receivers.
The BFN has a push-to-connect design that releases from the receiver with a gentle pull on the pullback or the poly coated stainless steel lanyard. This is a dry break nozzle that uses the same poppet and vulcanized Viton seal valve sleeve as the FloMAX FN600 and FNBL fuel nozzles. The BFN is an excellent option when high fuel flow is required, but auto shutoff isn’t.


  • The BFN is rated at 625 PSI burst pressure and 300 PSI operating pressure