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high-flow-bottomFloMAX Mission Statement
FloMAX International, Inc. will produce the world’s best fluid transfer system components by providing the highest quality design, material, workmanship, support, and service.

Who We Are
FloMAX International, Inc. began developing fluid transfer systems in 2002 a division of Edge Technology, a CNC production machine shop. In September of 2004 we were incorporated as a privately held corporation. FloMAX continues to be fully supported in our manufacturing needs by Edge Technology and with our engineering design needs provided by Ballard Specialty Engineering. The three companies are co-located in a 26,000 square foot facility located in Springville, Utah (approximately 45 miles south of Salt Lake City). They have a combined total of seventeen state-of-the-art computer controlled production machines, and a complete compliment of support equipment. This allows all aspects of design, manufacturing, quality control, and product delivery to be handled under one roof.

FloMAX International, Inc. in conjunction with our partner companies has a unique set of resources that make us well qualified to provide the services that we are offering. We are small enough to be able to provide specialized service to each of our distributors but large enough to meet the production and delivery requirements of the industry. We produce everything in house for our entire product with the exception of springs, fasteners, seals, castings and retaining rings. We have complete control over all design, testing, quality control, production, assembly and shipping of our product line.

FloMAX International, Inc is a LEAN facility with a full time Six Sigma / LEAN Master Black Belt on staff.

Quality, Innovation and Value with the highest level of Integrity are the core values that drive us.

What’s New?

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